April 11, 2019
Colan Totte Co., Ltd.

“Care for Today’s Fatigue to Create the Best Tomorrow”Introducing Colan Totte’s New Brand, “Colantotte RESNO”Sales Begin April 19th (Fri) in Japan

Colan Totte Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan; CEO: Katsumi Komatsu), a manufacturer and distributor of the Colantotte brand of magnetic health gear, has created a new brand, “Colantotte RESNO”. Based on the concept “Care for Today’s Fatigue to Create the Best Tomorrow ”, this brand will support self-care in everyone's daily lives by taking a holistic approach that includes three major elements: exercise, rest and nutrition.

The new brand will introduce “Switching Wear”, which promotes relaxation by supporting circulation, the “Dual Pad”, an EMS exercise device for home use that has both training and therapeutic modes, the “Wellbe Supplement”, a highly concentrated vitamin and mineral supplement containing a blend of 100% natural ingredients, and “Relaxing Aroma Cream”, a body cream for use after workouts and to refresh oneself during work.

We appointed ski jump athlete Noriaki Kasai as the brand ambassador. He has taken part in the Winter Olympics eight times as a ski jump athlete and continues to compete even now in his late 40s. His determination to keep evolving despite his age makes him a perfect fit for the “Colantotte RESNO” image.

Noriaki Kasai’s Profile

He is both a member and manager of the Tsuchiya Home Ski Club.

He was born in 1972 in Shimokawa, Hokkaido. In Sochi 2014, he won a silver medal in the individual competition and a bronze medal in the group competition. He is the holder of five Guinness World Records for feats including appearing the most times consecutively in the Winter Olympics, being the oldest ski jumper to win a medal in the Winter Olympics, and being the oldest ski jumper to win the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup.

Colantotte RESNO takes a comprehensive approach to helping people enjoy living their lives like they want to by focusing on three key elements: exercise, rest , and nutrition.
Through an original method that incorporates “Active Rest”, restores balance of the circulation for the whole body and supports the self-care for the holistic health.

“Making ‘Active Rest’ Part of Your Routine”

By pushing your body to do light activities when you are tired, you promote circulation and effective recovery in a method we call “Active Rest”. We are also promoting the SEB (Slow Energy Breath) breathing technique to help relax the mind and body. By combining Colantotte RESNO items with the “Active Rest” philosophy, you can shift precedence from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system that works when you relax.

We appointed athletic trainer Takayoshi Morimoto, who sings the praises of SEB, as our planning and development adviser. We will utilize the skills, knowledge, and information that Morimoto has cultivated over many years of improving athletes’ performance to enhance our planning and development.

Takayoshi Morimoto’s Profile

Supported Ichiro and others as an athletic trainer for the Seattle Mariners from 2004 to 2012. Has engaged in a wide range of activities, from improving the performance of pro athletes to general exercise training and trainer development.

■ Colantotte RESNO New Product Lineup

Switching Wear
Promotes Circulation and Relaxation
  • Certified as a medical device in Japan
  • Contains 180mT (1800G) permanent magnets arranged in Colantotte’s unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation to apply magnetic force to a wide area, improving circulation and alleviating stiff muscles
  • A combination of magnetic and material technology that promotes circulation and supports relaxation
  • Utilizes highly stretchable material for excellent elasticity
  • Special “Switch-Tex” unevenness processing is used on the rear of the material
  • The effleurage(*1)-like sensation makes it gentle against the skin and provides a relaxing feeling similar to that of a massage

*1 By utilizing a technique known as “superficial massage”, in which tactile pressure stimulation at approximately 5 cm/second is applied, pain suppression and a relaxing effect can be achieved.

Shirt: 10 pieces of 180mT(1800G) Ferrite Permanent Magnet
Pants: 6 pieces of 180mT(1800G) Ferrite Permanent Magnet
<Japanese medical device certification number>
Shirt: 231AGBZX00004000
Pants: 231AGBZX00005000
Dual Pad
An EMS Exercise Device for Home Use with Both Training and Care Modes
  • Switch between Training Mode, which stimulates muscles to strengthen them, and Care Mode, which loosens and relaxes muscles, with a single button
  • Linked-type that can move two locations simultaneously via wireless communication
  • Cordless, compact design perfect for carrying around
<Unit Contents>
Electrical Muscle Stimulation Device (Include: Controller and Silicone Pad)x2 / Device Keeper x2 / Y-shaped USB Cable x1 / Power Source Adaptor x1 / Gelpad x1set(2sheets) / Instruction for Use
<Product Size>
Approx. L70xW135xH16.45(mm)
Approx. 34g (Without the Gel-pad)

Colantotte RESNO DUALPAD [Replaceable Gelpad 1Set(2sheets) ×1]

Wellbe Supplement Multi Vitamin & Mineral
A Highly Concentrated Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Containing a Blend of 100% Natural Ingredients
  • A well-balanced blend of 27 types of vitamins and minerals in a single pack (four pills)
  • Produced in a plant approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), known for its strict inspections
  • A highly concentrated blend of natural nutrients with no additives
  • Recommended by the U.S. government
  • Approved by the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) (*2)

*2 Established as independent from the International Olympic Committee in 1999. It is an international agency that establishes unified international doping test standards, standardized punishment proceedings for infractions, and other guidance in order to eradicate doping from the world and promote doping prevention activities.

1 Packaging: 4 Tablets(3.9g) /pack ×30packs
Seaweed Cellulose, Yeast Soybean Extraxt (Non-GMO), Corn Extract (Non-GMO), Carrot Extract, Seaweed Extract, Rosehip Extract, Acerola Extract, Wheat Germ Extract, Oyster Extract, Fish Liver Oil, Corals Extract, Parsley Extract, Alfalfa Extract, Cresson Extract, Gum Arabic
Relaxing Aroma Cream
A Body Cream for Use After Workouts and to Refresh Oneself During Work
  • Maintains healthy skin by moisturizing it with a blend of seven plant-based ingredients
  • A blend of ten types of 100% natural essential oils
  • Let the refreshing scent soothe you and create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere
  • Contains no synthetic fragrances, synthetic pigments, paraben, or petroleum-based surfactants
<Instructions for Use>
Take an appropriate amount of the product into palm and gently apply to your neck, shoulders, calf and so on.

■ What Sets Colantotte Medically Certified Devices Apart...Is the Colantotte’s unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™)“Experience the Colantotte Difference for Yourself”

When wearing general magnetic health gear(In House Research)

When wearing general magnetic health gear (In House Research)

When wearing a Colantotte Tank Top (In House Research)

When wearing a Colantotte Tank Top (In House Research)
The “Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™)” Makes All the Difference
  • Colantotte's magnets are arranged in Colantotte’s unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™), which allows their magnetic forces to affect a large area, influencing the whole surface and not just a single point. This layout allows these magnetic forces to improve blood circulation and alleviate muscle stiffness, assisting the recovery process.
  • Our authentic health devices are certified as medical devices and improve circulation around the worn area. Simply wearing them in your daily life can liberate you from the pain of stiffness.

■ Colantotte Magnetic Medical Gear

Colantotte products contain permanent magnets arranged in the Colantotte’s unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™). This arrangement allows the magnetic force to affect a large area to improve circulation and alleviate stiffness at the applied location. It is certified in Japan as an authentic magnetic health device.
In 2005, Colantotte was launched in America under the overseas brand TRION:Z. Professional golfers Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler as well as many other top athletes regularly use this gear to soothe and support their bodies. Additionally, in 2012, one of the Colantotte bracelets was featured prominently as a key story item in the Hollywood movie “The Avengers” as part of a tie-up campaign, demonstrating the recognition of the brand’s quality and design not only in Japan, but by many people all over the world.

■ Colan Totte Co., Ltd.

"Providing Health-focused Products That Bring Heartfelt Smiles to People’s Faces"

Since its founding in 1997, Colan Totte Co., Ltd. (formerly Arc Quest Co., Ltd.) has been a medical device manufacturer with “Health, Spirit, and Smiles” as its motto, and in 1999 it began selling its Colantotte brand of magnetic therapeutic devices and health gear for general use.
In 2008, it obtained ISO 13485 certification and established a system for maintaining and improving the quality of its medical devices. It also obtained the CE Marking safety standard certification in Europe and medical device certification (MFDS) in South Korea, among others, and it is continuing its efforts in various major countries throughout the world.
In July 2015, it changed the company name to Colan Totte Co., Ltd., and continues striving to support a healthy lifestyle for everyone in Japan and the rest of the world.

【Company Profile】
Colan Totte Co., Ltd.
President/CEO Katsumi Komatsu
2-10-26 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0081 Japan
Business Contents: Manufacturing and sales of medical devices; Manufacturing and sales of daily sundries; Mail order
Colan Totte Co., Ltd. PR Dept, Nakajima