May 11, 2020
Colan Totte Co., Ltd.

A Rosary-style Magnetic Bracelet that Combines Natural Stone and MagnetsJapanese Medical Device “Colantotte Loop EN”Sales Start in the Middle of May Exclusively at Official Stores/Official Website

Colan Totte Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka, Japan, CEO: Katsumi Komatsu), manufacturer and distributor of the Colantotte brand of magnetic health gear, will begin selling the rosary-style “Colantotte Loop EN” magnetic bracelet exclusively on the official website and at official stores. Sales on the official website start in the middle of May 2020.

Color worn by female model: Tiger’s Eye x Eye Agate  
Color worn by male model: Lapis Lazuli

This rosary-style magnetic bracelet combines the natural stones which have subtle texture and enchanting colors and permanent ferrite magnets. Natural stones are called “power stones” and are said that each stone has its own significance such as good fortune and warding off evil and it increase the wearer’s luck. The metallic portion featuring the logo and the ring-shaped “rondelle” ornaments lend the product a sense of refinement. “Colantotte Loop EN” can be enjoyed as a fashion accessory with feeling the power of natural stones, and the magnetic force improves the circulation and relieve stiffness in the region where it is worn.

The name “EN” was chosen based on the idea of “fate, bonds, connections, rings, and harmony,” and the fact that the rosary beads have circular (“en” is Japanese for circle) shapes. Natural stones are called “power stones,” and each is said to have its own significance.

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The chic black-and-red packaging evokes a Japanese aesthetic based on the theme of “Modern Japanese design.” The circular flow line pattern which is seen in the window of the packaging symbolizes Japan, the natural stones, the magnetic flow, and the product name “EN.” This item would make a wonderful gift.

Colantotte Loop EN Overview

*Because natural stone is used, there may be individual differences in the presentation of color and patterns. *Water, sweat, sunlight, electric lighting, and other factors may cause deterioration, discoloration, or fading.

Product name Colantotte Loop EN
Medical Device Certification Number 302AGBZX00008000
Materials <Loop magnets> Four 100mT (1000G) ferrite permanent magnets arranged in an Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation
<Rectangular part of loop/rondelles> Stainless steel (SUS316L)
<Other parts of loop> Natural stone, operon rubber
Colors/Sizes Rose Quartz x Lavender Amethyst/Red Agate x Carnelian: M - 15cm
Golden Obsidian/Tiger’s Eye x Eye Agate/Lapis Lazuli: M - 15cm, L -17cm
Launch Date Middle of May 2020

■ What Sets Colantotte Medically Certified Devices Apart...Is the Colantotte’s unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™) “Experience the Colantotte Difference for Yourself”

When wearing general magnetic health gear(In House Research)

When wearing general magnetic health gear (In House Research)

When wearing a Colantotte Tank Top (In House Research)

When wearing a Colantotte Tank Top (In House Research)
The “Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™)” Makes All the Difference
  • Colantotte's magnets are arranged in Colantotte’s unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™), which allows their magnetic forces to affect a large area, influencing the whole surface and not just a single point. This layout allows these magnetic forces to improve blood circulation and alleviate muscle stiffness, assisting the recovery process.
  • Our authentic health devices are certified as medical devices and improve circulation around the worn area. Simply wearing them in your daily life can liberate you from the pain of stiffness.

■ Colantotte Magnetic Medical Gear

Colantotte products contain permanent magnets arranged in the Colantotte’s unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™). This arrangement allows the magnetic force to affect a large area to improve circulation and alleviate stiffness at the applied location. It is certified in Japan as an authentic magnetic health device.
In 2005, Colantotte was launched in America under the overseas brand TRION:Z. Professional golfers Rory McIlroy and Rickie Fowler as well as many other top athletes regularly use this gear to soothe and support their bodies. Additionally, in 2012, one of the Colantotte bracelets was featured prominently as a key story item in the Hollywood movie “The Avengers” as part of a tie-up campaign, demonstrating the recognition of the brand’s quality and design not only in Japan, but by many people all over the world.

■ Colan Totte Co., Ltd.

"Providing Health-focused Products That Bring Heartfelt Smiles to People’s Faces" Since its founding in 1997, Colan Totte Co., Ltd. (formerly Arc Quest Co., Ltd.) has been a medical device manufacturer with “Health, Spirit, and Smiles” as its motto, and in 1999 it began selling its Colantotte brand of magnetic therapeutic devices and health gear for general use.
In 2008, it obtained ISO 13485 certification and established a system for maintaining and improving the quality of its medical devices. It also obtained the CE Marking safety standard certification in Europe and medical device certification (MFDS) in South Korea, among others, and it is continuing its efforts in various major countries throughout the world.
In July 2015, it changed the company name to Colan Totte Co., Ltd., and continues striving to support a healthy lifestyle for everyone in Japan and the rest of the world.

【Company Profile】
Colan Totte Co., Ltd.
President/CEO Katsumi Komatsu
2-10-26 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0081 Japan
Business Contents: Manufacturing and sales of medical devices; Manufacturing and sales of daily sundries; Mail order
Colan Totte Co., Ltd. PR Dept, Nakajima