Colantotte Sports CALF

  • This supporter covers the whole calf, and is not too tight but holds the muscles moderately and reduce the muscle vibration. "Colantotte Sports CALF" isset of two, one for left and the other for right, and each has different pattern. 4-way stretching material is used for the "Colantotte Sports CALF" and thethree-dimensional pattern structure makes the supporter well fit with the body.
  • The water-absorbing and quick-drying finish is applied to the material. Ultraviolet Screening (UV-cut): approx. over 98%.
  • 700 nanometer ultra fine polyester nanofiber "Nanofrontâ„¢" is used for the non-slip rubber. The nano size roughness on the material makes the rubberportion easy to skin, and strengthen the grip.
  • 4 pieces of ferrite permanent magnets are placed nearby the soleus muscle on the supporters with Colantotte's unique Alternating North-South PolarityOrientation (ANSPOTM). The magnets help to improve circulation and relieve stiffness.
  • "NANOFRONTTM" is the registered trademark of TEIJIN FRONTIER CO., LTD..
Spec Main Body: Polyester 85%, Polyurethane 15%
Rubber portion: Polyester 85%, Polyurethane 15%
Magnet: Four 130mT (1300G) Ferrite Permanent Magnets are arranged in Althernating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPOTM) x Right and Left set
Size S: CALF 32-36cm / ANKLE 20-23cm
M: CALF 34-38cm / ANKLE 21-24cm
L: CALF 36-40cm / ANKLE 21-24cm
Color Black, Black Camo