Colantotte Sports Pro-Aid Socks (for Run)

  • "Colantotte Sports Pro-Aid Socks [for Run]" is a sports socks which has low-repulsion material in the heal portion and the high-repulsionmaterial in the toe (Thenar and Hypothenar) prtion.The low-repulsion material helps to disperse the landing impact on the heal.The high-repulsion material in the toe portion supports kicking force by increasing the coefficient of resilience.
  • The thermoplastic elastomer "EARNESTONTM" is applied as the repulsion material for "Colantotte Sports Pro-Aid Socks [for Run]".The low-repulsion material: modulus of repulsion elasticity decreased from 8% to 3%.The high-repulsion material: modulus of repulsion elasticity increased from 8% to 12%."Colantotte Sports Pro-Aid Socks [for Run]" has obtained patent as a socks which uses low- and high-repulsion materials.
  • The material of the cover cloth on the repulsion material is the same as the one used for sports inner wear. It absorb anddiffuse the sweat rapidly, so that the cloth does not enwind nor stick on the skin. The cover marterial generates the onizationstate on the surface of the fibre then absorb the malodorous substance. The fibre itself has the deodorization effect.
  • The polyester, which has excellent perspiration absorbing properties and quick-drying properties, is applied for material ofthe socks. The taping material is put on the arch portion of foot, and it defuses the burden and impact on foot sole.
  • "Colantotte Sports Pro-Aid Socks [for Run]" has 4 colours and 3 sizes so that it fits many people regardless of age or gender.
Spec Socks Material: Polyester, Nylon
Repulsion Material: Styrene Elastomer *Low-Repulsion Earneston (AV250), High-Repulsion Earneston (ST250)
Cover Cloth Material for Earneston: Polyetser, Polyurethane
Size S: Length 190mm / Width 85mm
M: Length 215mm / Width 85mm
L: Length 235mm / Width 85mm
Color CharcoalGrey, White, Blue, Red