• Power net is used on the back body from the side pelvis to the shoulders to support the erector spinae muscles, which are deeply involved in the movement of the trunk from the neck to the pelvis. It makes stabilizes the pelvis and supports the maintenance of posture while assisting the movement of the trunk. When the pelvis is stable, legs, knees, hips, and shoulder blades all move smoothly, and muscles can be used effeciently.
  • Designed to expand your chest naturally : wider the front body and narrower the back body, with armholes placed further back than usual. It makes the entire upper body pulled back and the chest naturally expands.
  • Ultraviolet Screening (UV cut) approx. over 98%
  • 20 pieces of ferrite permanent magnets(10 magnets × 2 sheets) are placed in the upper pectoral muscles on the left and right sides of the shirt. (Colantotte's unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™). The magnets help to improve circulation and relieve stiffness.)
  • 4-way stretching material is used for the "Sports PRO Wear TOPS LONG" and smoothly expands and contracts according to body movements during exercise.
Material Shirt : Polyester 86%, Polyurethane 14%
Power net (Mesh) : Nylon 79%, Polyurethane 21%
Magnet Sheet : Ten 160mT (1600G) Ferrite Permanent Magnets ×2 Sheets (Magnet qty.20) are arranged in Althernating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™)
Size M: Height 167-173cm / Chest 89-95cm / Waist 75-81cm
L: Height 172cm-178cm / Chest 93-99cm / Waist 79-85cm
XL: 177-183cm / Chest 97-103cm / Waist 83-89cm
Color Black × Black , Black × Gold