Colantotte Necklace FIORA

  • Magnetic force improves blood circulation and relieves stiffness.
  • The necklace itself uses pure titanium and feels very light to wear.
  • Pure titanium is resistant to water and sweat.
  • A total of five cute magnet charms are arranged so that they will hit against the path of shoulder stiffness that is common in women.
  • Four pure-titanium jump rings are provided to make length adjustment in the range of 41 cm to 43 cm.
  • The magnet charms are produced by manual work with time using the Cloisonne technique.
  • Design like sprinkling florets will finish the Necklace Fiora to suit to both ON and OFF scenes in a fashionable way.
Spec Titanium, Titanium and resin, Ten 130mT (1300Gauss) Cobalt permanent magnets
Size F: 41cm - 43cm (4 adjusting rings)
Color White, Pink, Turquoise