Colantotte MAGTITAN GEO Premium Gold

  • The gorgeous premium gold colour is added to Magtitan GEO line-ups.
  • Four pieces of 100mT Ferrite permanent magnets are arranged in the pure titanium plate in Colantotte's original Alternating North-SouthPolarity Orientation (ANSPOTM). The magnetic force spreads the effects across a wide surface to improve circulation and relieve stiffness.
  • The fine stainless is adopted to the adjuster so that it is gentle to your skin.
  • The ion plating is applied to the metal parts, and it improved the strength and luster of the plate surface.
Spec Four 100mT (1,000 Gauss) Ferrite permanent magnets
Size 17cm - 22cm (Adjustable every 5mm)
Color Premium Gold