Colantotte TRION:Z LOOP

  • Plastic magnetic capsules are casual and sporty designs.
  • The capsule has embedded 100mT magnets that are arranged in the Colantotte’s unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™).
  • This makes magnetic force spread the effects across a wide surface to improve blood circulation and relieve stiffness.
  • Silicone is resistant to water and sweat, and light to wear, making it ideal for using in various sports scenes, of course, and for water sports.
  • The TRION:Z series is very popular in Europe and the United States, and regularly used by many top athletes.
  • You can enjoy coordinates to suit sportswear, fashion, etc.
Spec Silicone, ABS Resin, PP Resin, Two 100mT (1,000 Gauss) Ferrite Permanent magnets
Size M: 15 - 17 cm, L: 17 - 19 cm
Color Black, Red, White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Light Green, Light Blue