Colantotte Necklace LUCE

  • Colantotte necklace LUCE is consisted with 75mT (750G) ferrite pernanent magnets, 110 pieces for the M size and 122 pieces for the L size and 134 pieces for the LL size.
  • The magnets arranged in Alternating North-South Plarity Orientation (ANSPO™) and it fits around your neck.
  • The stainless wire is applied nylon coating so that it is resistant to sweat and dirt.
  • The surface of each magnet is finished with a special processing so that it has deep black shine.
Spec Stainless, Brass (Rhodium Plating), Stainless (Nylon Coating), 75mT (750G) Ferrite Permanent Magnets, M: 110pcs, L: 122pcs, LL: 134pcs
Size M: 43cm, L: 47cm, LL: 51cm
Color Black