Colantotte RESNO MAG-RA

  • Contains a total of 24 powerful 130mT ferrite permanent magnets in the Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™) arranged in atriangle pattern to cover the locations of neck and shoulder stiffness.
  • This allows the magnetic force to affect a large area as opposed to only specific locations, ensuring that the magnetism reaches the neckand shoulders effectively to improve blood circulation and relieve muscle stiffness while you sleep.
  • We also paid special attention to the comfort and usability of the pillow, using ErgoBeads with a moderate level of flexibility and resilience asthe inner material. This achieves an exquisite fit that adapts to your body and sleeping position. It also excels when it comes to breathabilityand durability. Moreover, you can adjust the height to your preference by adding or removing ErgoBeads.
  • The magnetic sheet can be removed, allowing the MAG-RA unit to be washed.(Pillow body: Hand washable / Pillow cover: Machine washable)Check the washing symbol to know which washing method to use.
Spec Pillow Body: Thermoplastic elastomer (inner material), Polyester 100% (Side fabric)
Pillow Case: Cotton 100% (Outer surface), Polyester 65%, Cotton 35% (Inner surface)
Magnet: 130mT (1300Gauss) Ferrite Permanent Magnet
Non-woven fabric packaging: Polyethylene, PVC (Openable with fasteners)
Size Pillow Body: L 63cm / W 34cm / H 8-10cm(Back of headportion), 2-5cm(Neck to shoulderportion) / Weight 1743g
Pillow Case: L 66cm / W 41cm / Weight 107g
Accessories Attached Instructions: Package Insert, Instructions of Use