Colantotte RESNO Eye Mask GOOD×3

  • "Colantotte RESNO Eye Mask GOOD×3" is an eye mask that can be used on both sides. It has cool touch side with an antimicrobial and deodorant finish (black), and moisture absorbing and heat generation side using micro acrylic × rayon (chacoal gray). You can use it depends on the season or your mood. (※An antimicrobial and deodorant effects are only for cool touch side.)
  • The soft VELCRO made from fiber is used on the belt parts. It is different from general resin VELCRO. It has a smooth surface that won't damage your skin or clothing, and is quiet to remove. It can be attched to any part of the belt, so you can adjust the size freely.
  • The moderate volume of the microbeads in the filling fits well in your eye hollows. It is very light, wearing only 32 grams approx.
Spec Cool touch side(black):Polyester96%, Polyurethane4%
Moisture absorbing side(chacoal gray):Acrylic65%, Rayon35%
Filling material(micro beads):Polystyrene
Size F: [Head Measurement] Approx. 54 - 62 cm
Color Black/Chacoal gray ( Double-sided use )