• Mode select setting The training mode and the caring mode are available.The training mode is to build-up the body by stimulating the muscle, and the caring mode is suitable to use after sporting and while being relaxing. These two modes are switchable by one button.
  • Linkage between Master device and Sub device "Colantotte RESNO DUALPAD" is an interlocked type device which is operated by the wireless communication between the master device and the sub device. Only by setting the controler of the master device, you can operate the same for the sub device.Since the two devices operate exactly the same by the interlock, you can train and care your body equally on both sides.
  • Easy-to-carry Cordless & Compact Design
    • The device is cordless type and it can be used in any place such as in office or the outside. (The rechargable litium-ion battery is loaded.)
    • The device is designed compact, so that it can be carried around easily.
    • The controler is removable from the silicone pad and it is handy to recharge the device.
    • You can train and care your body only by putting on the device at anytime, in anywhere.
  • Other details of note ■ Training Mode: 15 auto-programme (The programme setting prevent the muscle from getting tired by changing the frequency with focusing on applying 17.5Hz.)
    Caring mode: 12 auto-programme (The programme setting is most suitable for caring the body by changing the frequency with focusing on applying 70.0Hz.) ■ Automatic stop function after 20mins of continuous use. / 20 stages of intensity level controle.
    • Mixed Pulse Program: By mixing the various frequency bands, the devices works on the outer-muscle to the inner-muscle in a synergistic manner.
    • Noise Neutralizer: It is a new method which nutralize and decrease the discomfort feeling by the electrical stimulation.
    • High Frequency Point: It enlarges the muscular contraction force and muscular tension maintaining force at all the frequency by adding the unique stimulation during a constant impulse. And at the same time, the unique stimulation can be expected to prevent the muscular contraction and muscular tention deduction which caused by getting used to the stimulation.
Material [Electrical Muscle Stimulation Device] Controller: ABS / Silicone Pad: Silicone, PET, Conductive silver ink / Gelpad: Hydrogel / Device Keeper: Paper, PET
[Packaging] Outer Box: Paper / Upper Lid: PET / Tray: PET / Individual Packaging: OPP
Unit Contents Electrical Muscle Stimulation Device (Include: Controller and Silicone Pad)x2 / Device Keeper x2 / Y-shaped USB Cable x1 / Power Source Adaptor x1 / Gelpad x1set(2sheets) / Instruction for Use Unit Contents