Colantotte WACLE STRAP

  • The magnet capsule has eight embedded 100mT magnets that are arranged in the Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™).
  • It can be placed anywhere in the necklace, making it possible to be hit against your self-conscious pressure point.
  • The Wacle Strap can be used for different purposes such as mobile phones and nameplates, depending on the materials of the strap top.
  • The Wacle neck offers fun for you to enjoy color variations matching your fashion.
  • Fabric producing negative ions is used.
Spec Polyester, Nylon, Rayon, Cotton, PP resin, Aluminum, Urethane, Elastomer resin; Eight 100mT (1,000 Gauss) Ferrite Permanent Magnets
Size ONE SIZE : 80cm
Color Black, Red, Navy Blue, White, Yellow, Orange