Colantotte Wacle Neck STYLE

  • Six pieces of 140mT (1400G) rare-earth permanent magnets are embedded in the silicone loop.
    The magnets are placed in the silicone loop to along the neck, it improves circulation and relieves stiffness both neck and shoulders.
  • Five pieces of rust-resistant and gentle to the skin stainless steel decoration rings are placed on the neck loop. The decoration rings are movable onthe neck loop so that you can enjoy "your STYLE" by changing the positions to meet your likings and wearing situations.
  • The clasp is placed at the back and made from POM, so that it is easy to fasten and unfasten.
  • The clasp and the silicone loop are the same colour so that the whole necklace has integrated feeling and matchs with any wearing scenes.
  • The φ5 loop is made from water-resistant silicone so that the "Wacle Neck STYLE" can be worn daily in various situations.
Spec Neck Loop: Silicone, 6 x 140mT (1400G) Rare-earth Permanent Magnets are arranged in Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™)
Clasp: POM / Decoration Ring: SUS316F
Size M: Approx.47cm, L: Approx.51cm
Color Black, Brown, Khaki, Dark Red