• The knitted fabric is designed to allow more freedom of movement of the elbow joint. Loosening the knitted fabric applying to the point of elbow allows the elbow joint to move smoothly.
  • This compression design allows reduction of muscle vibration by moderately compressing the biceps brachii muscle.
  • Made with functional materials featuring sweat absorbing and quick drying, antibacterial and deodorizing properties.
  • Four 100mT magnets are arranged in the Colantotte’s unique Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™). This spreads magnetic force in three dimensions to work on a wide region, improving blood circulation and relieving stiffness in that part of the body.
Spec Nylon, Polyurethane, Polyester, Cotton, Polyurethane, Four 100mT (1000G) ferrite permanent magnets
Size S: 24cm- 26cm (Measurement position: Upper arm region),
M: 26cm- 28cm (Measurement position: Upper arm region),
L: 28cm- 30cm (Measurement position: Upper arm region),
XL: 30cm- 32cm (Measurement position: Upper arm region)
Color Black