About Us


The quickest way to be happy is to wear a wholehearted smile

Since its establishment in 1997, Colan Totte Co., Ltd. has aimed to develop products that help as many people as possible lead healthy lives. Our endeavors as a medical device manufacturer have centered on the power of Colantotte's magnetic health gear, which is also certified as a home magnetic therapy device.

The basic development concept at Colan Totte is to offer products that invite our customers to wear wholehearted smiles as a result of their wellness. This involves our thinking from the standpoint of the user.
We are confident that by putting our “smiles first” outlook before operational aspects, such as focusing on profit margins or cutting the time and energy we devote to take a product to market, our products will eventually be embraced by and bring satisfaction to many users. Pursuing mass production or productivity would probably make numerals - not smiles - the mainstay of our business. Colan Totte feels it is important not to hold back any efforts but to offer the best products we can at any given moment.

We obtained ISO 13485 certification in January 2008 and are working to further establish the quality of our medical devices.

We are distributing our products in many countries worldwide and to deliver wellness to people across the globe.

Katsumi Komatsu

President & CEO
Colan Totte Co., Ltd.
Katsumi Komatsu